The Company

Launched in April 2012, IrelandsDNA has research at its roots. Born from an innovative project bringing together historical analysis and genetic information from ancestral DNA testing, IrelandsDNA aims to provide new insights into the genetic origins of the Irish and those of Irish descent. For example, progressive steps have been made in discovering Norse Viking markers, defining ancient royal Irish lineages and further refining haplogroups into defined subtypes. By taking a test you not only begin your own DNA journey, but also play a valuable role in research into the genetic makeup and origins of a nation. With your help we can at last write a people's history of Ireland.

Our Team

  • Alistair Moffat
  • Dr James F Wilson
  • Angelika Kritz
  • Helen Moffat
  • Kim McCallum
  • Laura Marshall
  • Katie Henderson
  • David Scott

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